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Poison Coffee & Doughnuts

Poison is a coffee and doughnut shop hidden away in the The Alley at Karrivin Plaza. The antithesis of a sunny neighborhood cafe, its somber, neon-noir atmosphere attracts the rarer sort: serial loners, elusive art mongers from galleries next door, and folks weary of the city’s vitality.

They drift in, drawn to the flood of purple seeping from the shop. Their prescription? Lethally good coffee extracted through a La Marzocco, crafted by Chef Gabriel Ong in collaboration with Yardstick Coffee. Doughnuts with a hint of something you can’t quite place as created by Chef Sonny Mariano. And intoxicating japanese-inspired dishes concocted by Chef Noel Mauricio. By dusk, hypnotic projections on the shop’s gunmetal walls take your mind off the day’s toils.

Poison is the result of the chemistry between Hydra Design Group and Tasteless Food Group. Schemed as a front for Hydra’s dirty work in their studios above, the shop is a dispensary for caffeine and creativity. Taken together, it’s a concoction that kills.