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Truth is, almost all drinks have either sugar or other sweeteners. It’s because sugar is very addictive and makes us super excited to consume it. But hope is not lost. By using high-quality, organic ingredients in thoughtful ways, unsweetened drinks can taste better than the sugary ones. In other words, you can keeping drinking all the flavors that sparkle while taking care of yourself, too. A world in which the most exciting options are also the healthiest...seems like a pretty sweet life to us.

The world of flavors and extracts is fairly complex, and often comes with plenty of mystery. The term "natural flavors" may sound healthy, but at times they actually have not-so-natural ingredients within them. In many cases, the company that's purchasing the flavors doesn't even know what the "flavor" is actually derived from as it's proprietary to the manufacturer.

We use Certified Organic Extracts for two reasons:

  1. With the USDA organic certification, we know that ingredients like artificial preservatives and GMOs are prohibited from being used, as are certain processing methods such as irradiation.
  2. "Extracts" are generally derived from one single source, i.e. organic blueberries, whereas flavors are generally a blend of several sub-ingredients.